Pittsburgh Show Offs join forces with the CMU jugglers!

It’s true! Our time at The Union Project has come to an end. We had a great time there, but things change. The Pittsburgh Show Offs will now be meeting with the CMU jugglers. We’ll still meet Wednesday nights, but it’ll be a bit earlier. The location may change as we get settled in, but for this coming Wednesday, Oct 16th the information is below:

When: Wednesdays at 6:00pm (we’ll go out for food afterward)
Where: This week we have Wean 7500 reserved, but we may move to another space in the future
Cost: Free (could change in the future, but probably not)
Parking: Free (see locations in link below)
Here is a map of the relevant classrooms and parking:
If you haven’t been around for a while (or ever for that matter), don’t be shy. We still love you. 
See you all Wednesday!